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Bishop Robinson Fondong was born in the Southwest Province of Cameroon. At the age of 13, he received the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and immediately resolved to make Jesus Christ the model of his life. Despite persecutions, rejection, and extreme shyness from severe stuttering he took advantage of every opportunity to spread the Word of God in his school and community. He knew he had found the Fountain of Life, and he spared no opportunity to invite people to drink freely. The Lord backed His Word. Many of the students and his family members came to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. On one occasion at the tender age of 14, 52 of his converts were baptized in one day. The Holy Spirit moved, transforming lives and caused the young believers to abide. Many of these converts from the early years of his ministry are serving the Lord in various capacities today.

Meanwhile, Robinson also witnessed the supernatural hand of God in his personal life. He was miraculously healed from the acute stuttering condition that plagued his childhood and transformed into a bold, assertive servant of God. The young fiery evangelist moved his pulpit from elementary school, through high school into the University of Buea, Cameroon. While at the University, he provided valuable leadership, modeling holiness in his own life on campus and as President of the Student Union. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and immediately responded to the call of God upon his life by enrolling in the School of Knowing and Serving God, a Christian Missionary Fellowship Ministry Bible school in Yaounde, Cameroon, after which he moved to the United States where he obtained a Master’s degree in Theology.

Robinson relocated to the United States in 2000, as a missionary for his home church, Christian Missionary Fellowship International, in Maryland. The church in Westminster, Maryland was birthed when the Lord blessed his personal evangelization ministry with the conversion of a young man. The two met regularly to study the Word, pray and go out to evangelize. Then God sent a destiny helper in the person of Pastor Mark Wadel who has since gone to be with the Lord. He and his wife Betty introduced the young church in Maryland to the Franklin Mennonites, a dynamic body of believers given to mission work and the deployment of human and material resources for the spread of the gospel worldwide. The Franklin Mennonites have since been mightily used of God to support Pastor Robinson in his apostolic mandate, and to uphold the church in Maryland as a pillar to the nations.

In 2004 Pastor Robinson happily married his sweetheart Elizabeth, who is herself a Minister of the Gospel. They both serve the Lord with infectious zeal, ministering together in crusades and conventions. They have dedicated their lives to do the will of God and establish God’s Kingdom from Westminster to the ends of the earth, delighting in seeing people freed from captivity through the ministry of deliverance. They are blessed with three sons: Paul, David, and Emmanuel. Their avid desire in Robinson’s words is to “plunder hell and populate heaven for Calvary’s sake. That is the desire of the Lord, the goal of the church and it should be the goal of every believer.” Robinson is also compelled by the Spirit of God to awaken the church to her responsibility towards the lost, being the one reason for which Christ died. He is the founder of “World Conquest for Jesus”, a team ministry consisting of ordained pastors in Maryland and Pennsylvania and other ministers of the New Covenant, created with the goal of winning our world for Christ.

Pastor Robinson is being used extensively by God in the healing and deliverance ministry in the USA, Africa, India, and South America. He speaks in conferences in various nations on deliverance and the breaking of generational curses and trains deliverance and healing ministers. He has ministered deliverance to thousands of people with outstanding results of freedom from spirits of cancer, diabetes, asthma, barrenness, depression, and many other demonic strongholds. The gifts of the Holy Spirit prevalent in his ministry include the working of miracles and most notably, the word of knowledge and prophecy. He is an evangelist by calling with a great passion to see the lost saved and has pioneered the planting of 2 churches in Maryland. As a team, he and his wife have impacted multitudes and many have been transformed by the palpable anointing that accompanies their ministry.

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