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Author of the best-selling book Freedom from the Spirit of Rejection, Dr. Elizabeth Fondong is a fervently sought-after author, teacher, speaker, and preacher of the gospel of the Lord Jesus. She has been called to and set apart for such a time as this for the training up of the men, women, and children of the end time army.

Having earned her degree in medicine from the Makerere University in Uganda, Dr. Elizabeth works as the primary physician and holistic practitioner in her own practice, Hope Natural Medicine and Wellness Center, in the city of Westminster, Maryland. Alongside her practice, Dr. Elizabeth is the sole proprietor of Harvestin’ Natural, her local wellness shop in which she serves the community as a health and wellness consultant by way of providing the finest quality of supplements both in store and online, as well as functional, holistic remedies to both unique and mainstream medical ailments.

The daughter of Dr. Zacharias Tanee Fomum, a revivalist of his time, and founder of the Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMFI) church, Dr. Elizabeth has feverishly sought to continue the legacy held by her father. Serving as the assistant pastor to the local CMFI church, Miracle Center, she daily pours herself into the furtherance of the ministry, pastoring the local and online church alongside her husband, Bishop Robinson Fondong. The two minister explosively both individually and in tandem, particularly emphasizing the ministries of salvation, healing, and deliverance.

The proud mother of four biological children, Paul, David, Emmanuel, and Anna, Dr. Elizabeth is considered a spiritual mother to thousands more around the globe. Her sweet, approachable spirit and loving kindness truly set her apart as a mother in Israel. Dr. Elizabeth is the embodiment of grace, character, and love made manifest. Her undying love for the Lord and her relentless obedience of the Heavenly Father have shaped Dr. Elizabeth into the flaming sword of Christ that she has become for such a time as this. As a team, she and her husband have seen thousands come to the salvation of the Lord Jesus, all over the world including, Germany, South Africa, Mozambique, Cameroon, Tanzania, Israel, India, and soon London, England. Countless more have encountered freedom through the power and anointing that trademark their ministries.

Dr. Elizabeth is the best-selling author of the book and course, “Freedom from the Spirit of Rejection”. Her viral testimony has ministered to thousands online through Delafe Ministries; and she has been equipped to charged many to break free from the shame, torment and fear of rejection. Through her giftings, abilities, talents, and resources, Dr. Elizabeth has dedicated her life to the furtherance of the gospel of our Lord Jesus. With a heart abandoned, she strives to represent the Lord in all things and to all people she encounters directly and indirectly, having a clear and profound understanding of her ultimate calling to reconcile men back to the Heavenly Father.

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